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You Gotta Gypsy Soul to Blame...

Navy Pesant Blouse: Gap (40% off with code "FORYOU") || Sweater Vest: Loft (old, similar here) || Jeans: J. Crew "Toothpick" || Hat: c/o Brooklyn Hat Company || Boots: Sam Edelman "Penny" 

I'm having the most inspired week this week y'all! I don't know about you, but there is something about spending time with other creatives, and like-minded women, that fills me up with so many new ideas! Tuesday I chatted with my friend Kat and learned all about her amazing furniture business (which you can shop here) - hearing her journey and success story make me so excited to be chasing my dreams! And last night I had dinner with two local blogger/Insta pals (Thanks for dinner Chelsea and Lauren!) and we started talking about how to support each other and bring local creatives together- seriously fun stuff! It's so nice batting around ideas with ladies who just "get it" - you know? So needless to day I'm back in action today feeling fueled and inspired to get to work! 

As you can probably see, recently I've been dipping my toe in the "boho" pool of style & I have to say that I am kind of enjoying it! My Lilly prints will certainly not be going anywhere, but it's been fun to step out of my comfort zone some and try something new! This blouse isn't over the top in Boho style, but the peasant sleeves and breezy styling make it conducive to being part of a 70's throwback look (of course interpreted in a modern way)! Now if only I had some bell-bottoms... :)

Navy Pesant Blouse: Gap (40% off with code "FORYOU") || Sweater Vest: Loft (old, similar here) || Jeans: J. Crew "Toothpick" || Hat: c/o Brooklyn Hat Company || Boots: Sam Edelman "Penny" 



  1. Feeling inspired is such a good feeling! Enjoy it boss babe!

    xo Amanda John
    XO Strawberry Chic

  2. This is such a great boho outfit and I love that vest!

    Whitney & Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  3. This outfit is so adorable! You are rocking the boho look!

    By Lauren M

  4. This is a tough time of year to be inspired, so that's amazing! I love this look--so fun and different! It would be totally out of the box for me, but I'm thinking maybe I should just mix it up!
    Catherine www.classiccatherine.com

    1. Oh this would be such a fun look on you too! It's been kind of fun to step out of my box and try something new :)

  5. Your blouse and hat are so cute. This is a casual look but full of chic, Gentry!

    I welcome you to stop by my blog as well. Every Thursday I run a linkup and would love for you to share your latest post with my readers. Thanks and enjoy the weekend! Ada. =)



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