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Sunday Scripture

Well friends, it is the end of a great week! I'm excited to renew and recharge at church this morning and this verse has been on heart to share with y'all. Whenever I have moments of doubt and anxiety, I look to this verse and find so much joy and peace in it's truth. Where ever you are in life right now, remember you are exactly where God wants you to be- and He is teaching you lessons as He leads you on a journey far greater than you could plan!

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Cross Body Bags for Spring

My sweet "baby" sister just turned 16 and my gift to her is a fun trip to New York City this summer! It has been Mallory's dream to visit the city and I can't wait for a fun-filled four days exploring and showing her all the sights! Since we are going to be doing so much sight-seeing (and walking) I am now on the hunt for the perfect cross-body bag. Below are a few favorites I am currently coveting, but let me know if you have any suggestions of bags you love (and places to visit in the city)!

Cross Body Bags for Spring

Featured Bags:

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Dressy Shorts

When you live in a state that is perpetually in the Summer season, you learn quickly that shorts are a must-have in your wardrobe! While shorts often skew casual in their look, I've been determined to find ways to dress mine up and make them more appropriate for brunch dates and get-togethers with my girlfriends. I love this look because it is such a simple update to those black shorts we all own- and yet it feels fresh and fun! Of course a statement necklace is a must to complete the look (as are my favorite sandals of all time- my Jacks!)

How are you remixing your shorts this Spring?


Pink Stripes for Spring

In an effort to combat the current downpour outside, I'm reminiscing about the fun in the sun from the past weekend. It was simply gorgeous out and bright pink stripes just seemed appropriate!

This dress is that perfect easy-breezy day dress that is perfect for running errands and sipping some cocktails  to cool off. Adding a few simple gold touches completed this bright look! I can't make it through spring without my Jack Rogers... get ready because you are going to see them a whole lot more! :)

What's your go-to dress for sunshine-filled days?


Organize Me Monday: Recipe Box

Even though life has been a bit crazy lately (read: running between work, Junior League meetings, friends and family) I love the simple joy of taking some time to make a home cooked meal. Even if it's as simple as throwing together a crockpot dish, I love trying new recipes- and old-time favorites!

I am a bit old fashioned in my recipe organization and I'm not ashamed :) I love handwritten recipes, each and every one tells a story and brings back memories. I have ones handwritten by my mom, giving me tips for cooking; ones written my girlfriends, reminding me of the fun we had making them together; and ones written by me, that I bring back fond times I had cooking for loved ones.

But when you have so many recipes, you have to have a great way to organize them! I file mine away by "type of dish"- appetizers, side dish, main dishes, and desserts. Then within these main categories I break them down by main ingredient. This makes is super simple for me to find whatever I am looking for!

How do you organize your recipes? Do you organize them physically or digitally?


The First Day of Spring

It's a wonderful day today! Do you know why?? It's officially this first day of Spring! Hooray! 

Although it's been feeling like spring for quite some time here in Florida (sorry to rub it in my Northern friends) there is something about it "officially" becoming Spring that gets me so excited- the bright and colorful clothes will be coming out in droves and there is going to be sunshine every day- what joy! 

There is no better way to celebrate my favorite season than by wearing my favorite designer... the fabulous Lilly Pulitzer. This dress is such a staple in my closet- the shirtdress design is super easy and comfortable to wear and I can dress it up or down in a snap. Plus who doesn't love this bright and colorful design?! 


Sweet Tooth

If you've been reading along for awhile it's no secret that I have quite the sweet tooth- seriously y'all my car should have a "will break for cupcakes" warning on the back! ha!

Well after a long day of taking photos for the blog, it was no surprise that I was in need of a sugar boost in the form of a yummy cupcake! We discovered the cutest lil bakery, Buttercup Cakes, and the cupcakes we top notch! They were so sweet and do the best custom cakes for every occasion- check them out!

I was also tickled pink (yes a lame pun) that my outfit so perfectly matched this cheerful shop! The pink skirt and grapefruit sweater were a fabulous match for the bright yellow walls!


Sweet 16!

Today my "baby" sister turns 16! I can't believe how fast time is flying- seems like only yesterday I was helping to feed and change her when she came home from the hospital... and now she can drive! eek!

Mallory is the kindest and funniest girl I have ever met and I am immensely proud of the woman she is growing up to be. Mallory it is an honor to be your big sister! I hope you have the best birthday ever!

Happy Sweet 16!

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Lobster Season

Happy Tuesday y'all!

I fell hard for this lobster sweater the minute I saw it pop up at J.Crew Factory- navy is without a doubt one of my go-to wardrobe colors, and the cute lil lobster made the nautical-lover in me clap with happiness! I know I mentioned this "City Mini" skirt previously, but seriously y'all it is the perfect skirt! It is just the right length to wear for work and play and so flattering to your figure- I can't wait to add more colors of it to my closet.


Good for a Giggle

I saw this online yesterday and couldn't help but laugh out loud- this is pretty much my life story! 

It's going to be a fast-paced busy weekend but I can't wait to share some fabulous new posts with you next week! 

Happy Saturday! 

Polka Dot Maxi

This maxi dress was one of those "lust list" items that I obsessed over until I found it! Last summer one of my uber-stylish girlfriends wore this dress in a picture and I fell in love; unfortunately it was totally sold out at Loft and I was out of luck... or so I thought! A few weeks later I popped into my local Loft Factory store and THERE IT WAS! I was so excited I'm pretty sure I squealed with glee! This purchase has been one of those that I've never second-guessed. Every time I wear this dress I love it more and more! With the cardigan it's perfect for the office (or a breezy night) and without I add a bold statement necklace for a night out. Talk about versatile!

Have you ever obsessed over an item until you found it?


One Dress, Two Occasions

As a girl who is always on the go, it is important to me that when I purchase an item of clothing it can be worn for more than one and dressed up or down. I fell head over heels for this Ellen and Ollie Dress (look at that giant bow- who wouldn't?!) and I love that it has become a versatile piece in my wardrobe.

I thought today it would be fun to show you two ways I styled this dress (and hopefully inspire you to dig in your closet for pieces you can remix)! Accessories make all the difference when you are changing the look of your outfit.

The first occasion this dress is perfect for is dressed up for a wedding! Grab your favorite heels (in my case these nude pumps are perpetually my go-to) and some fun baubles to make your look ready to celebrate a bride and groom! I love these statement earrings- now that I have short hair, big and bold earrings have become much more fun to wear (you can see them so much better)! I gave myself an easy up-do to make my look a little more wedding appropriate too. Love how all these fun details came together!


Make a Wish for 26!

Y'all! I'm kind-of having a nervous breakdown over the fact that I turned 26 today... when did that happen? I feel like just yesterday I was driving on my own at 16, voting in my first election at 18, and having my first cocktail at 21... and now I hit 26?!

Life has thrown me a lot of curveballs in my 25th year, but as I look at 26 and all the joys it is sure to bring, I can't help but feel that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. The Lord has brought me to a sweet space of love, comfort and hope that His plans are much great greater than my own- the most reassuring feeling that there could be. Each time he entrusts me with even a small piece of his picture I am humbled at his goodness- I cannot wait for the adventure of this year!

To celebrate the big Two-Six I had a fun dinner last night with all some of my favorite girls! I know I have mentioned these lovies several times before, but these girls are seriously some of the biggest blessings in my life. Each of their friendships brings me such joy and fun - I just love sharing life with them! Thank you to these wonderful ladies for sharing this special celebration with me- I love each of you dearly!


Spring has Sprung!

This may be one of my favorite looks I have featured on the blog to date! I think that there is nothing that more quintessentially captures my personality than a bright, colorful dress- I am all about this girly look! As much fun as it is to experiment with my look and try new combinations and trends, sometimes it is so comforting to return to those pieces that just make you feel like "you".

I happened to stumble upon this amazing brand, Ellen & Ollie, at the end of last summer and scored this dress from Belk for $20! Since then I have scooped up 5 dresses from this adorable brand and can't wait to pick up some of her new designs this season.



Happy Wednesday y'all!

It feels great to be back after a brief {unintentional} hiatus. I was traveling for Junior League this past weekend and it was harder to get back in the swing of things than I thought once I returned. It was a super fun weekend, but sometimes it's nice to return to "normal" isn't it?

On to the outfit... I have always thought tennis was such a glamorous sport. The ladies who play always look so put together in their tennis whites and pearls (at least that's what you see on TV)! However, the only thing I know about tennis is that there is a score called "love"- and any game with a score called love is one for me! :) 

I had a blast goofing around on the courts. I think you can easily see that I am no pro- but it sure was fun to pretend!