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Organize Me Monday: Style Notebook (part 2)

Last week I introduced you to my Style Notebook, part 1, where I organize all the outfit ideas that I get from magazines and look-books. But if you are as organized as me, you are probably wondering how to keep track of all the ideas this binder conjures up! So today I am introducing you to part 2 of my system, the actual "style notebook" in the system!

All the pieces working together look like the below:

Now, here's how it works:

Step 1- Be Inspired.

I go through my style binder and get inspired by the outfits I see. Oftentimes I am reminded of similar pieces I have in my closet and I think of how I can put together a similar look.

Looking through my book of pics

Step 2- Record your Inspiration.

I record my outfit ideas here:
My style notebook- where my ideas live!

A peek inside my list of ideas- I write down the exact pieces in my closet and how I would make an outfit with them
NOTE: Once I wear the outfit I highlight it so I know that I have tried it (and can always go back and wear it again). If I try it on and hate it (we all know sometimes things look better in our head than reality) I will strike through it.

Step 3- Create a Wish list.

As I am out shopping and I see things I love, I will jot them down in my notebook, that way I can go back later and remember those things I love and want to purchase. Sometimes I get really specific (saw it in a certain store, know the size and price) and other times I write down more generic ideas because I know pieces I want but haven't found the exact ones yet. I also get ideas as I go though my notebook for pieces that I would love, but aren't yet a part of my wardrobe.

Hard at work on the notebook- This is my perfect Saturday morning!

Style Notebook in action!

I hope that giving you a peek into my organization system inspires you to create one of you own. I'm really excited to wrap up this series next week when I show you how to adapt this system to other areas of your life- you won't want to miss the fun! 

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  1. You inspire me, Gentry! To take an idea from high school and fly with it as you have, is amazing! TYJ


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