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Style Tour of Florida: Winter Wear

Y'all I have such a fun treat in store for you today!! A few weeks ago one of my readers requested some ideas for how to dress in Florida during the winter since she's moving down from the north. I gave her some of my personal ideas here, but was able to take it a step further by teaming up with some fabulous Florida bloggers who are sharing their ideas today! I can't wait for you to see all of our style ideas - and hopefully inspire some of your own :) 

Upbeat Soles // Stylish Adventures With AL // Fashion A Bella

When it comes to dressing in a "warm" climate (because it sure feels chilly to me!) I think that the trick is to layer up and have pieces to rotate. If you start with a sweater as your base and then add on scarves and vests, you will be sure to reach your right combination of warm! I also love keeping a beanie in my bag as well (if your ears are warm the rest of you is sure to be too)! 

And a little confession… I had everything ready to take some great pictures of this look, but had a #bloggerfail and forgot to charge my camera! Thus, I apologize that the photos are blurrier than I'd like- I had to iPhone-photo it for you (and thanks to Asha for helping me out in a pinch)! 

And here is a new look for you to see me in: glasses! I actually can't see anything far away, but since it's not too severe I never wear my glasses other than driving and for movies and presentations. But, when Firmoo gave me the opportunity to pick out a new pair I decide to get some fun fashion frames that I could wear when I was feeling a little more "hip"! ha! I love these new glasses and the whole process of ordering was super easy and affordable (a total "win-win")! 

PS- How adorable is by bestie Asha?! We had such a fun afternoon celebrating Christmas and catching up with lots of quality girl time! She is the most amazing woman and I feel so lucky that the Lord blessed me with her as my best friend- how did I get so lucky?! No matter how near or far we are, our friendship continues to grow through every season of life and for that I am so thankful! Love you Asha! 

Sweater: J. Crew Factory (sold out, similar & love the color) // Pants: Lilly Pulitzer (hands-down the best pants ever!) // Boots: Off-Broadway // Vest: Lilly Pulitzer (old, this one is next on my list) // Necklace: Cara Couture // Scarf: Lilly Pulitzer Junior League Murfee (love this one so much) // Beanie: Old Navy // Glasses: ℅ Firmoo // Watch: Randy Jackson (old, love this) // Bangle: Bourbon and Bowties // Ring: Bellezza (old, love this)

Thanks for stopping by y'all!

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  1. This is such a fun vest! That's the worst when your battery runs out, thank goodness for iPhones :)

    1. Yes! What did we do without iPhones?! ;)

  2. Your look is just adorable and I love that vest! It's so nice catching up with best friends! You both are too sweet! xo

  3. That jacket is fabulous! You look adorable!
    Stylin In St. Louis

  4. Great look Gentry!! So perfect for Florida :)


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