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Organize Me Monday: Organizing Your Desk with guest-poster Tide and Bloom

When I say that I have the most talented group of girlfriends it is not an exaggeration- I seriously cannot get over the skill level of the lovely ladies I call my friends! One of my outrageously talented girlfriends also happens to have the loveliest little blog, Tide and Bloom, and daily I am inspired to add a little more "pretty" into my life after reading Christina's blog. This amazing lady also happens to have a heart of gold and a stunning artistic talent (I still have one of her paintings that she gave to me in college- and I love it)! What I am so excited about is that today YOU are going to get to meet Christina, since she is guest posting for me! Christina's flair for design led me to ask her for tips on a beautifully organized desk- since she has a perfect eye. Read on to learn all her fabulous tips... 

Organizing Your Workspace: Where Style Meets Function

Organization is not the sexiest word, but when you put your mind to it the results can really be stunning. I don't consider myself a master of it by any means, but I've had a fair amount of practice when it comes to turning an indiscernible mess into a functional working office/studio. Here are a few tips to help you transform your workspace into a place that is both functional and inspirational.

1. State Your Intention

What is the main focus and purpose of your workspace? For me, I need ample room to lay out lots of different supplies and papers to be working on multiple art pieces at once. That means a large desk, lots of clear wall space, and shelving units for brushes, pens, and the like. For someone else, it might be that the computer is the main driver of their work. Just like you would state an intention at the beginning of yoga practice, state an intention for your organization practice. This way you can be sure that all the moves you make are going to contribute to making the most out of your workspace.

via SF Girl by Bay

2. Simplify All The Little Things

Quite frankly, this might be your most important step in the whole process… and perhaps maybe the most difficult. It'll take a good amount of time and effort, but you'll be much better off in the end. The less visual and physical clutter there is to crowd your space, the better you'll be able to think clearly and work efficiently. It seems to me that we are most likely to exhibit hoarder tendencies when it comes to the office – perhaps because it can often become a dumping ground for all things un-fun. That sort of mentality can lead to piles and piles of useless and outdated items collecting dust. So you have to simplify.

Force yourself to sit down and go through everything... and I mean everything. Put on your objective thinking cap and discard anything you haven't used or looked at in the last year and a half. Gather and group like items with one another: business cards, inspiration images, office supplies, et cetera. It sounds like a major task, but after you do this once, maintenance should be a breeze.

3. Honor Your Storage

Storage can be boring, I get it. So... why not mix it up? Decorative storage not only punches up your workspace, but encourages continued organization. It doesn't have to be anything complicated – just turn it into something you like to look at. You can use a variety of papers and collage materials to transform just about any surface. And don't forget spray paint and washi tape! Here are a few DIYS for you to check out if you're stumped: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

via Design Love Fest

4. Surround Yourself With Beauty

This will amp up what you've done with the last step and really turn your space into a personalized sanctuary. We all collect things that we love – clothes, pictures, trinkets, stationary – so this is the perfect time to put them to use. Be careful not to throw your whole kitchen sink at it though. Be thoughtful and consider this your own curated collection of little gems and sentimental treasures. Some of mine include: a Little Mermaid snowglobe, antique oriental stacking bowls, a tile and wood tray, and a sweet candle from Anthropologie. Pick things that exemplify your own flair for beauty, whimsy, and style. Creating this small exhibition of sorts will furthermore make you want to spend time in that space.    

via Glitter Guide
5. Maintain Your Zen

Once you've finally fit all the puzzle pieces together, the key is to maintain. Put things back in their rightful place. Use all that cute storage you have. Throw something away once you've used it or recorded it for the future. And if the system you created isn't working out for your day-to-day use, then it's okay to reconfigure. The important thing is that you have a space you love to spend time in; then work will start to seem much more like play.

Bookmark this page and take your time during the process; there's no rushing a masterpiece. Do everything with your intention in mind and you will soon see your dream space emerging from all the clutter. To see some more office and studio spaces that inspire me, be sure to check out my studio & work board on Pinterest!


Thanks for sharing with us Christina! We love your tips! 

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  1. Oh boy. I am more than inspired to try new ways to beautifully organize areas of my home. The statement that most rang true is that office space seems to be where clutter collects. It truly is a dumping ground for all things you DON'T want to tackle at the moment, and thus piles build. Thanks for the gorgeous ideas, Christina! TYJ.....

    1. Glad you love the tips- Christina has so many great ideas!


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